Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Clapboard Clatch

This morning witnessed Nancy's parents Lee and Lou, my mom Maime, as well as Nancy and myself all painting clapboards. Out goal was to finish off the remaining bundles from the first of the two pallet loads we have to paint before we're done.

Everybody chipped in and we had four painting stations going with Lou going around keeping us all supplied with unpainted clapboards and full paint trays, as well as touching up any drips or unpainted spots among our completed boards in the racks. It was a fun way to make a lot of headway on a seemingly endless job. If out count is right, we are over the halfway mark and will continue to chip away at the project as we can.

A slightly reduced sheetrock crew also was here today to put in a little weekend time. At this point they are done sheathing the downstairs and will head upstairs tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow -- a Sunday.

We're not going to stop 'em.

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