Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let there be siding!

The results of our first day of siding

Joe and I going at it

A steady rain yesterday meant I worked alone painting all the clapboards you see in this picture...

Today Joe and I went to town on the siding project. After a little time getting ourselves set up we started putting up our cottage-grade spruce clapboard siding installed with a 2 1/2" reveal.

With any new process there are always a few kinks to work out, so it was a conscious decision to start at the back of the house in order to work out any issues that needed to be solved, which proved to be a smart way to go because after we got three or four courses up I noticed our spacing was a little off from the marks we'd made as guidelines. We looked at what was going on, solved the issue and adjusted the next few courses to bring us back into alignment with the marks.

It is SO satisfying to finally see the outside of the house coming to life. The colors of the window, trim and clapboards look great. We'll be doing lots more of this over the next few weeks.

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