Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trim work

Adam and I finished off the week continuing to put up the window frames. These, along with the corner boards and water table already in place are starting to really bring the look of the exterior into focus. I find the house catching my eye and it feels good. If anything I think I'm a little surprised because its starting to look like a nice place, which is great but not what my sense of purpose has been around this thing, but I guess that's what happens when you decide you don't want to just do run-of-the-mill easy details. In other words, the desire to put thought, quality and effort into the overall appearance of the house is starting to add up to something that has some character and distinction.

Joe will be back this week and he and I will be getting everything ready for the sheetrockers to come in towards the end of the week. We could do the sheetrock work, and for a long while we were planning on doing it, but in the end we decided that the expense would easily justify the quality job that we'd get by hiring it out, while allowing Joe and I to make headway on the exterior. Once he and I have everything good for the sheetrock work, we'll be back at the outside work.

In addition to the sheetrock crew we're gonna have a couple of special guest helpers showing up later in the week. Stay tuned...

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