Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sheetrock's Eve

Our to-do list

Rolling the cellulose flat

We pretty much finished up doing all the work needed before the sheetrockers come in and start hanging. If all goes well, that work will start on Thursday. That gives us tomorrow to button up the last bits and move back to the siding and trim work.

One of the little projects we've been working on is rolling the insulated walls with a rolling-pin like tool mounted on the end of an aluminum post. We are doing this because the cellulose pushes out a bit on the Insulweb retaining fabric and the resulting bulge could make it hard to get the sheetrock to sit flat on the studs. The rolling essentially compresses the cellulose a bit and leaves the wall pretty much flat. Joe, Nancy and I have each been taking turns over the last few days and we are nearly done, with only the upper area of the second floor ceiling left to do.

With one or two exceptions we've emptied the first and second floors, clearing way so that nothing hinders the sheetrock going up.

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