Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving Outside

Adam installing battens

Bug screen at the bottom of the wall. This will get covered by a 9 1/2" wide horizontal board called the water table, which creates the starting point for the clapboard

Getting the first piece of trim up

After a brief period of rejuvenation on Cape Cod we are back to work this week and have moved our attention to the outside of the house.

Our friend Adam is helping out while Joe is away a dance camp for the week. Its great to have friends like Adam to call on.

We spent yesterday prepping the perimeter of the house before we could start putting up any trim. Adam worked on adding needed wood battens around the windows and corners where trim will land, while I worked on installing bug screen at the base of the house walls. This will keep bugs out of the air space created by the battens between the clapboard siding and the zip system green wall sheathing.

Nancy spent the better part of the day painting trim and clapboard.

At the end of the day we had just enough time to get our first piece of corner board in place. Tomorrow we'll try to get the rest up and maybe even get started on the water table. What's a water table? We'll it's the horizontal piece of wood that is at the base of the house before the clapboard starts. You don't see it on all houses, but it seemed like a nice detail to include, so we are going with it.

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