Thursday, August 12, 2010

Initial siding work

The corner boards and water table in place

Adam at work

This photo shows the screen/mesh combination that keeps bugs from traveling up behind the water table board where they could nest and cause trouble

Today Adam and I completed installing the water table around the base of the house, having installed the corner boards yesterday. The water table is the horizontal piece of wood that sits at the bottom edge of the house exterior. I'm not sure why its called a water table, but it is. This piece of trim is fixed tightly against the screen and mesh that are installed between the wooden battens around the house. The mesh/screen combo are in place to keep bugs from making nests up behind the siding.

Tomorrow we'll install a wooden drip cap over the water table. This is basically a decorative piece that sheds water from the siding down over the water table. After that we start putting up the window trim and once that's done we're off and running with the clapboard.

Its great to be finally working on the exterior.


Unknown said...

At some point you should leave a cutaway part of the house to show all the work and materials you put into it. Maybe when you are done just cut a hole in the side and cover it with plexiglas as an observation point. This will be good for when you have guests or give tours. Its hard to explain when it is all pretty and covered up.

dcain said...

Hey Dave,

I've thought the same thing...

Its occurred to me to make a little model wall section that I could pull out and show anyone who was interested. Hmmmm....