Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was a milestone.

Thanks to the work of our plumbing contractors, the boiler was installed, providing us with both heat (in the form of radiant heat under the floors) and hot and cold water. We've been waiting a long time for this and it was a moment of joy to witness the cascade of water pouring out of our garden hose hook-up on the side of the house. We now have the potential to hook up any old fixture we want and will be thinking about how we may do that, and when.

Meanwhile, Joe has begun work on the exterior window trim project. He's set up a work station and begun cutting the pieces. It'll be really satisfying to see the outside start to transform from green Zip-system to finish trim and clapboard.

I've been busy wrapping up the seemingly endless details before we begin insulating. I expect we'll get going on it next week.

All in all a good week of progress.

Glass of water anyone? Here, let me get you one.


Eva said...

Yahoo! Congratulations on the running water! I can just taste that first satisfying sip!

dcain said...

Thanks Eva. As a matter of fact we actually tried the water last night. Tastes great.

Addie Rose said...

Wow. running water. ah... the bourgeois life... can we bring a load of laundry over? :)