Monday, June 7, 2010

Shed Move

The original arrangement--shed on right, doors facing up the driveway

A similar view showing the shed turned and cars parked next to it. The shed still had a little ways to go before being turned all the way
View near the porch looking up the drive

Last week I took a day off from the house proper to move the small shed we inherited with the property. We have used it primarily as storage for the riding mower, but also for skis, bee equipment, tools and various other stuff.

In an attempt to tuck the cars a little out of the main view, we decided to rotate the shed 90 degrees and move it slightly closer to the house, allowing the cars to slide in where the shed used to sit. The ground where the cars will be parked is still rough, but so far the plan is working quite nicely. We can drive down the driveway and then back into the new space without having to use our neighbor's turnaround.

The move itself was a study in crude physics. I jacked the building up enough to get rollers underneath and then I either pulled the building around with a chain attached to the car or with a winch attached to a tree. It was a bunch of work but in time I was able to manoeuvre it to where I wanted it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the perspective of seeing the house @ the end of the long drive!