Thursday, October 1, 2009


Although I never drew it in the plans, I've been toying around with the idea of doing some sort of sunburst or decorative element in the triangle of the south gable. Looking at the wall yesterday I decided to go ahead with a triangular frame with a sunburst pattern inside.

This morning I launched right into it and a few hours later it came together. It'll be interesting to see it once the wall is standing, but from looking at it on the flat I think it came out really well. Once this little project was complete we installed a bunch of clapboard siding up through the gable so we won't have to do it from the ground once the wall is raised, which will happen tomorrow morning.

The circular piece of wood is from an unused bee hive part I made from northern Vermont cedar, and the "upside-down necktie" piece at the center of the sunburst if from an old wooden dresser that Nancy and I took apart last spring. I saved the nice pieces of wood and this once was a suitable width and thickness, so we just went for it. Its fun to think that a piece of wood that lived for many many decades in a old wooden dresser is now living a new life as the keystone to a sunburst on a house built in 2009.

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