Sunday, July 10, 2011


A collection of spurdles and rye

We have a small collection of spurdles that are now hanging in our kitchen. Some of the rye that we planted in the yard has formed its tassels and I was inspired to put them together.

What's a spurdle you ask? Why its a Scottish stirring stick of course! I believe they are typically used for porridge, but we use them for lots of things. Nancy got a bit of a spurdle collecting bug and now we've received a few different ones. The one second from the left was hand turned by our neighbor John Riley.

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eva said...

i have acquired an "addiction" to spurdles.....they fascinate me. Lee Valley Tools has a spurdle to sell, and i'm hoping to get a couple from there.....then i have to continue the nagging of my brother to make one for me....along with the wood turned potato masher i've asked him for a few years ago.
i want to use the spurdle for using as a whisk in non-stick pans. i've had a few plastic type whisks and the work for a bit - then they fall apart..... which shouldn't happen with a spurdle....

love your blog, just found it when googling ...what?....spurdle of course.