Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stairs and Electric

I noticed, after taking this photo, that it was roughly 10 minutes after noon. I then wondered if at noon on the equinox if the shadow might line up directly with the sunburst triangle. That would be really satisfying. I did my best to align the axis of the house on south.

Felton installing the conduit connecting the panel to the conduit running to the meter

Stairs in progress

My mighty assistant helping me muscle the stair set into place.
The stairs will finish at a small landing at the bottom which Nance is standing on

I've been building the stairs from the first floor to the basement and they are almost complete. I'll finish that project tomorrow. I'm not sure why I waited this long to do this project--perhaps because it is sort of fun and a bit of a reward for having the plumbing and electric in place. It'll sure be nice to go up and down stairs rather then the ladder.

Meanwhile, Felton has been at work installing our electrical panel and connecting to the conduit running out to the meter near the pole. With luck, we'll have power running into the panel tomorrow. Once that's done, well make a few of the outlets in the house live so we can run things from the outlets rather then the jumble of extension cords and power strips we currently have in place.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh--that is so cool! the shadow at the peak. you have to tell us if it lines up at the equinox! ok, even if it doesn't line up, this may just be one of my favorite parts. this and the stars on the porch roof.

dcain said...

I'm glad you're as psyched as I am about that little cool aspect. An artist at heart, clearly!