Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Edition

Paul is connecting the vent portion of the line here. Note how the pipe makes a 90 turn and goes straight up. On the left you see where the drain goes down. There will be a sink and tub located here

This is where the washing machine will be, with a toilet on the other side of the wall. I had to open the windows to help vent the fumes from the PVC pipe cleaner and cement

Today my uncle Paul came over and we went at the plumbing. We made good progress and I'm in good shape to continue where we left off. What's obvious to me now that wasn't as clear before is how drains go hand in hand and are nearly mirrored by vents. If water is going down, there is a pipe going up to allow the water to drain without creating suction at what ever fixture is being used. Makes sense--I've just never really thought about it much.

I feel really grateful to Paul coming over and giving up part of his weekends to help me get this done.

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