Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Electrical prep

Small rafter ties to create a small flat ceiling where lights will go at the peak

The electrical plan (click on photo for larger view)

The symbols for (l.) outlet and (r.) switch. If you look at the plan above
you'll see these marks located throughout

Today consisted of getting ready to start installing the electrical boxes. This requires transferring the locations for all switches, outlets, and light fixtures from what's shown on the electrical plan to the proper location in the house. I put all outlets at 18" high and the switches at 45". In the peaks of the rooms on the second floor I put in small horizontal rafter ties to create a small ceiling into which we'll have lights installed. There needs to be framing wherever a box will be attached, so that requires that there be blocking as needed to locate switches out outlets.

Tomorrow morning I'll start installing the boxes.

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