Friday, September 24, 2010

Wood and Stone

I traveled over the gap to Bristol today to purchase lumber to begin work on the interior window trim. To purchase anything other then either pine or lumber-yard spruce around here you've got to travel a bit to get it.

On the way I remembered there is a purveyor of stone products very near the lumber yard, so I made a stop there and checked out the various stone types that we might use for the hearth under our woodstove. While there I noticed some great granite pavers so I bought a few to complete the frostproof hydrant in the garden. I'm pleased with the result.


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Yes,I knew I wanted to do some sort of drainage around the hydrant and when I saw those granite pavers I knew I had to go for it.

Tony said...

Dave, This comment isn't entirely appropriate for this post, but I didn't figure out how to contact you. I'm Tony, Joe's brother, and have been following your progress for awhile. I wonder if you saw this article in the NYT? I can send the pdf if necessary :