Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow. Its been over a month since the last posting.

In the meantime we've continued to refine our plans. It is a process of moving to ever greater detail about everything. I used to work for an architect and my experience of the design process in that setting was was a steady, but not rapid, progression from one stage of design to the next. There hasn't been the same breathing room in our process, or to be a little more accurate, we've had to jump around a bit and do some pricing while still working elements of the design out. Its in the last week or two that I feel like the two are more realistically in sync.

I've struggled a bit with working out the details of the site plan. I can easily see, feel, and mentally experience the house, but when it comes to representing and "feeling" the contours of the site, I find it a bit harder. I built a model today, but it wasn't as revealing as I'd hoped it would be.

We area still waiting on confirmation of our septic plan. We hope to get that in the next week or so. With that in hand, we'll be able to move pretty quickly with scheduling and beginning work.

The photo above is of a rest area on I-89 in Williston. Its captured my attention for a number of years and I recently stopped and snapped some pics.