Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wood Update

 Our stack in November 

Where we were a week or so ago

We did a little wood calculating recently.

Back in November we loaded up 42% of a cord onto the porch, calculated in cubic inches. I remember thinking at the time that we should have loaded up an even 50% so that we'd know where we were once we'd burned through it. In any event, I took a picture back then and just now went back and recalculated based on what we stacked. The calculation from the photo matched my memory of what we figured back then: to get up to a full 50% would mean moving 13 cubic feet of wood (which is easy for us because all our wood it cut to 12") from our long term storage over to the porch. We did this today and here is the remaining portion of a half-cord stacked on the porch.

February 3rd

We won't know for a another good month or so where we'll end up, but it is looking like we'll burn somewhere between one-half and three-quarters of a cord, which would make sense. Last year we burned just about a half cord for the season, but it was a reasonably mild winter.