Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Drips from the roof clean off the newly laid stone to reveal its color

Mac came back yesterday to continue work on the grading project. With my assistance we laid out landscape fabric around the perimeter of the house and then laid a band of 3/4" stone from the foundation out 3' to catch the water coming off the roof.

Once the stone was in place Mac started placing the the topsoil and completed pretty much the back side of the house. It was threatening rain much of the day and by the very end was coming down pretty steadily. I ended the day by putting down a bunch of grass seed and hay in the completed areas.

I rained heavily overnight which most likely will delay Mac's return until things dry out a bit.

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samuel woods said...

I've been considering how best to implement some of the methods outlined by P.A. Yeomans (without major tillage), and it occurred to me that it might be possible to take an area like your pasture (which hasn't been grazed in a while), then simply cut the grass and rake it into windrows on 20' intervals running perpendicular to the slope (similar to how a terrace would be) following the principles laid out in the Keyline method..