Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Catch-Up

This picture shows the detail that we worked out running under the roof overhang. I'm wondering if maybe we should paint it some slightly different color to call it out a little or just leave it as it is

Adam stuck around for some more work on Saturday morning and we pretty much wrapped up the west end of the house. The rest of the weekend consisted of caulking, priming, and painting in order to be able to have the staging freed up for more clapboarding tomorrow morning. Nancy and I also painted some more clapboard in order to be well stocked for the next few day's work.

Today I gave the sunburst it's final coat of paint as a honey bee warmed herself in the morning sun.


wendy said...

the house is looking so amazing. love the color scheme, love the sun burst (after the revision, of course), less fond of the bee (being allergic and all...) but will deal with it given i love their output. it all looks so fab! can't wait to come for a visit and see it myself sometime! wat

Unknown said...

I vote for trying a different color to bring out the detail. The more detail you can see the better it looks but the more work it is to paint. The only problem is picking another complimentary color again.
I especially like the curved trim pieces at each corner of the house where the roof line meets the corner.