Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sheetrock Update

Joe and I have been concentrating all our efforts on getting the siding up, but while we've been busy there has been a crew of three guys, Duane, Larry and John, who have been working hard at completing the sheetrock work in the house. They finished yesterday with a final sanding.

We've really left the house to them over the last couple of weeks, so in that respect their work has happened a little off of my radar, but day-by-day there has been a steady sense of shape and clarity to the walls and corners and such throughout the house. With the sanding work done there is this sense of the walls and ceilings as great expanses of flat, clear area. For the first time its occurring to me that with our crisp corners and neatly completed walls we have to be careful in a new way. We can't just throw a screw in the wall to hang something, or bump a long piece of wood on a corner as we carry it inside.

I guess this is a sign that we're getting somewhere.

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