Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paint Color Test

We've been working on the exterior color scheme for a while now, noting places that we like, looking in books, soliciting advice and anything else to help us get closer to "it".

A couple of houses have inspired us. The first photo shows a schoolhouse in Woods Hole, MA that is being renovated. We stopped by and talked with the painter and were able to get paint color numbers and all. The scheme is basically a grey body, cream trim, and cottage red window frames. In fact, the different walls of the building have been painted and matched a few times, so there are different tints in different areas. The one wall we liked in particular had a ever-so-slight green tint to it, which is the wall on the right with the three large window openings.
This photo shows a house in Moretown, VT that also caught our eye. The scheme: light green body, ever so slightly creamy-green trim, and black frames. Its a striking combination, but we thought we'd try a combination of the two: cottage red frames with the green wall and cream trim.
In order to do this, I mocked up some clapboard siding on the end of the breezeway over our water catchment system; green, cream, red on the left and green, cream, black on the right.
The next two photos are an attempt at showing the colors isolated from the surrounds, but the sunlight was casting shadows making it a little hard. I might try again when the light is neutral. If you, dear reader, have a strong argument one way or the other, speak up soon. We meet with the window guy tomorrow and that'll be when we nail it down for good.