Thursday, August 13, 2009


Nancy and I went to a wedding over in the Champlain Valley last weekend. While we passed through Lincoln, I noticed this place:
It caught my eye for a number of reasons: the window style, the proportions, and the way the eaves are finished. This house is essentially what we are building although the perspective on the photo distorts the similarity.

Here is the east elevation of our place. There's been a few changes since this was drawn, such as a light above the door, but this is pretty much what the house will look like.

Nancy says I've never seen a crumbling old place I didn't think there was "something really cool about". It's true. I find myself drawn to places that evoke their age and the age that they were built. I guess I also see the potential for what a place could be. There is also this sense that all pretension has left and what remains is the essential building.

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