Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The foundation and beyond...

Hmmm... a lot happens in a week. At last post the forms were just going up for the foundation.

Since then the walls were poured, the forms removed, and I coated the exterior with foundation sealant. I also installed a radon vent and interior foundation drain. These two items are sort of insurance measures. Some folks say you don't need to worry about radon unless you are on ledge, but others have said its something to take seriously. It is cheap and easy for us to lay in pipe for venting it, so I just went ahead with it. Similarly, the drain running under the slab will deal with any water that the perimeter drain somehow does not take care of. Again, easy to install and worth a lot in saved headaches.

Today was another dramatic day of work: the perimeter drains were installed, crushed stone and filter fabric was then laid in. This all happens at the base of the foundation, next to the footing and is the way in which water that gathers around the foundation is routed out and around the house and then runs out to daylight down the hill.

Granular fill then was added part way up the foundation walls such that you can now stand next to the foundation and look in. The fill is only part way because it is important not to put too much pressure on the concrete until the first floor deck is in place.

Finally, pea stone was graded on the inside of the foundation, covering up the various drains and vents and setting the stage for the next bit of work which is installing a vapor barrier (plastic sheet), rigid insulation, and pex radiant tubing. Joe is coming tomorrow and we'll get these items in place in anticipation of the slab being poured on Friday. Yea Haw! Things are moving along.

I keep telling Nance that this is the dramatic phase, where things happen quickly, and to not be surprised when progress is a little more paced once Joe and I kick in with the building.

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