Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More site work

Joe and I wrapped up the root cellar yesterday, moved the remaining lumber onto the completed portion of the deck last night, and the excavation crew was back this morning. They're here to back fill the foundation, cover the root cellar, and install the Presby septic mound system. Today went really well; Joe headed up the road to help our neighbor Aaron out and I spent the day clarifying my next big lumber order and getting it out. I also did a bit of catch-up with connecting an interior drain to the outside perimeter drains that I forgot to connect before the initial back fill went in.

The Presby septic system requires literally truck loads of a specific sand that has to come over the App gap from Hinesburg. It forms the bed for the pipes which will lay on top and then be covered with more sand. This all will be connected to septic tank that will sit just outside the foundation.

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PerryOne said...

You should lay a bed of small stones/gravel for the pipes, then cover the pipes with more small stones/gravel to a depth of at least two inches so that each pipe sits in the middle of a rectangle full of stones 18 inches wide by 12 inches deep. Then cover the stones with plastic sheets to stop the rain filtering through the soil and making its way into the stones and then the drainage pipe.
There should not be any sand either above or beside the pipe as this will work its way into the pipe over time and stop the process.