Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super-Insulation class visit

This morning the Super-Insulation for Zero Energy Building class from Yestermorrow came to take a tour of the house. I took this class a year and a half ago and it was pivotal in solidifying the direction we wanted to go in designing our house; there is greater up-front investment in a super-insulated home, but the payback is rapid and the long term savings are remarkable. The information in the class made that unmistakeably clear. There are multiple benefits beyond just the financial, but suffice to say that I credit the class with convincing me that it would have been almost irresponsible to do anything less then we were able in making our house as energy efficient as possible.

I gave a brief overview of the features of the house; stack framing, the double-wall construction, air sealing efforts, the boiler, the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) unit, the root cellar, and the overall effort to reach high R-values throughout. There were a bunch of questions and it was a good give-and-take.

Its great to be able to share what we are doing in a useful way.

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