Saturday, July 24, 2010

Signs of Domesticity

Nance and I are taking care of two neices and a nephew this weekend and in preparation spent a whirlwind afternoon on Thursday cleaning up, child proofing, and making things comfortable for our first-ever house guests.

Remember that tar paper that we put down to protect the floor of the second floor guest room? No? Well you can see it here when it was first put down; after about nine months we finally pulled it up and the floor looks great.

We also decided to install a rough-and-ready sink so we could do some dishes and whatever other sort of washing we needed to do while the kids were here. The sink is an old farmhouse sink that came out of the old farmhouse that my sister and family live in. Its a great sink and we'd be open to keeping it as our permanant sink but its kinda low between the faucet and drain and there are no dividing bays.

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Eva said...

That is a totally awesome sink! I hope you figure out a way to keep it, if not there, maybe in the basement?