Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insulweb instal

I had to go to an office supply store to find gallon quantities of Elmer's Glue, our current means of attaching the Insulweb to the framing

Putting up the Insulweb fabric

The second floor almost complete

We are continuing to put up the Insulweb retaining fabric and its going just fine. The second floor is the more complex part of the house to do and we have just a little more work to do there tomorrow morning and then we'll start actually blowing in the cellulose insulation. For those who may be unfamiliar with cellulose, it pulverized newsprint that has been treated with a borate for fire retardancy, mold and pest control and just small amount of mineral oil to help keep dust down.


Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures and neat application of insulweb - HOWEVER -I would advise that you staple the insulweb at the stud face and inset staple the cavity perimeters. Elmers probably won't maintain adhesion @ 3.5 pcf density needed to prevent settling.

dcain said...

Hi Anonymous,

Actually we are finding the Elmer's is holding just fine. No problems..