Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stairs: Check

Finished up the stairs to the second floor. The dimensions on stairs need to be exact and things came in just right, so I feel happy with the effort. The human body senses the height of stairs and can stumble when there are even very small variations, so things had to be right on.

We made a point of keeping the rise & run to dimensions that would allow a semi-elegant feel to going up and down the stairs and I'd say they feel great; just what we were hoping for. The trade off for designing the stair like this is that they cover more real estate within the house, but I think it was a good direction to go in. They feel easy to go up and down.

Joe introduced me to impact drivers, which are basically screw guns with a very powerful ratcheting hammer built in that makes them able to drive screws and bolts in effortlessly. My old screw gun batteries had died in the mean time, so today I went out and purchased a combo kit of impact driver and screw gun. Handy and top notch.

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Anonymous said...

nice new gear! stairs look great!