Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holes in the house... but not in my heart

My uncle Paul came over Saturday and we schemed out the plumbing layout for the house, 90% of which is located around the two bathrooms. There are three elements to the plumbing system: supply, drain, and vent. We're starting off with the drain and vent portion of the job, which are sort of like mirror systems. The drains take water and waste down while the vents allow air and gasses up.

We spent a few hours locating the necessary holes for the toilets, the sinks, the tub and shower, and then following the drain runs through the walls and down to a point of convergence to then go out the main drain to the septic tank. This requires a lot of boring fairly big holes through the walls. Paul has some hefty augers and it all went pretty smoothly.

To finish up, Paul worked up a materials list which I'll go ahead and order. Once we have our parts in place we'll start installing. Should be fun.

This morning I walked out of the yurt to Nancy's sweet Valentine's Day surprise; a heart on each window and door. I love my wife!

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