Thursday, February 4, 2010

Climbing the stairway...

Today I spent the day getting to work on the stairs. I've held off for a long time because I wanted some time to think about what they would look like. At this point I want have a few projects going because I need to be able to switch around in case I get held up with any one effort.

I started off the day close to the woodstove doing some calculating and drawing. I'd like to get the stairs right first time around, so it pays to take the time and be careful.

There will be a landing a little over halfway up the stairs, so once I'd determined the height of the platform, I set about building it. That pretty much took the rest of the day, but before I quit I removed the temporary plywood flooring over the opening, which was very exciting. We get to see and feel what this is going to be like in the house, and I have to report that its good.

One thing I've sort of known for a while but confirmed today is that I'll have to lower the window at the landing. Since I knew it was coming, I'm not bummed, but it'll be some work.

All in all a good day's work. Maybe some actual stairs tomorrow.

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