Sunday, July 12, 2009

The countdown starts

We have scheduled the earth work to begin a week from tomorrow. Who hoo! In a sense, it feels like the project has already begun with all the prep work we've been doing in the last few weeks, especially with moving the yurt last weekend.

We've got the concrete company lined up as well, and if the weather works in our favor and there are no major hic-ups, Joe and I should be able to start on the first floor deck right about August 1. Its way later then we had hoped, but it still works for us and we'll make the best of it. I envision running the woodstove once the real cold sets in in order to do the wiring and plumbing with a measure of comfort.

(If you look closely in the photo, you'll notice that the gable end overhang has been cut off the end of the garage. That was done to make way for the bucket arm of the digger, since the new foundation will be very close to the existing building. The cut off parts were part of the fire.)

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