Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Ready

For the last few weeks, as time has allowed, we have been slowly clearing up the site in preparation for the site work to begin. We've cleared the remains of the big tree we felled a couple months ago, we've stacked four cords of wood we had delivered (into a good location relative to where the yurt will go), and we moved the sugar house structure. Its been good to create order out of all stuff that is happening around here; the wood is all in one place, the kindling is on the deck, and so on.

Along with that we've been continuing to work on the garden, which seems to always provide opportunity to do more. This is the year of "zero tollerance" for weed and grass incursion into the garden. That means we've been heavily mulching paths and perimeter's with wet cardboard and then loads of wood chips. I see it as an investment of time that saves double the time later when we only have to weed the beds, not the paths!

I've continued to refine details on the house, and sometimes feel like I'm worrying a little more then needed. That could be but I doubt it, there's always more to go over. I'd rather over double-check or over-think the items I'm not sure of. We are ready to start when we finally get our permit, which, count our stars, will be soon.

Amazingly, our little old tractor was able to pull the sugar structure. Its new location is proving to be an unexpected delight. It feels like a new building and I expectantly look forward to coffee each morning on the deck looking out at the garden and the bees.

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