Thursday, July 30, 2009


The concrete crew was back at it again today and completed the installation of the wall forms and soon there after did the pour. The concrete came via a two-step process: concrete comes from typical delivery truck which then feeds into a pump truck which has an delivery arm that can extend up to 90 feet. This truck is run by a man who has a remote control unit strapped over his shoulders to direct both the arm of the truck as well as the flow of the concrete through the supply tube. Its amazing to see this efficient process in action.

All the while there is one guy walking along the forms directing the flow of the concrete into the forms while two guys follow behind with a vibrating machine that, well, vibrates the concrete to settle it way down in the forms.

Once the pour was complete, the crew then went around and firmed up the walls to make sure they were straight and true, leveled everything to their batten board, and then inserted the anchor bolts.

It was a big day, and exciting once again. So far so good. Tomorrow the forms come off and then were on to sealing and installing the perimeter drain.

Fun stuff.

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