Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Water supply lines

Supply lines running up from the manifold
(horizontal copper piece mounted on wall)

The lines come up from below and then make a
90 degree turn to exit what will be the wall

The copper fittings to which the sink will be attached to in the future

Today was spent running water supply lines. These are the lines that bring water to a sink, toilet, shower, washing machine or tub. Blues lines for cold, red lines for hot. In the old days all of this work would have been done with copper tubing and fittings which is both expensive and time consuming, but also requires precise routing of lines, whereas the plastic PEX supply lines are flexible and installed as a continuous line from manifold to fixture. I'm wondering if I might finish off the rest of the lines tomorrow. We'll see.

The view this morning as we received a late April snowstorm

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Anonymous said...

water! ...that won't arrive in a bucket...woohoo!