Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The House: Unwrapped

Today we finally we got to experience the land and the house without the garage. Its amazing. The house now has space to breath and stand alone without the uncomfortable contrast offered by the garage. It allows the house to stand as a whole where you get to see the various elements as a unit, rather hints of the whole from constrained vantage point.

There is also a sense of space and view and distance around the house that I love. Things feel simpler and more elemental now. Notwithstanding that there is still the yurt, the large dumpster and the excavator, there is a sense of breathing room around the house. You can see the whole and you can see around and beyond it.

Its a bit of a surprise to look out from the inside. I'd gotten used to the visual shelter provided by the garage/breezeway building. Our challenge now is to start thinking about coming up with a landscape plan that provides a sense of privacy while still having a sense of openness on the south side of the house facing our neighbor and the road.

This was one of the most dramatic days of this whole house building process and one that we've been anticipating for a long time. It feels great to have reached it.


Anonymous said...

looks awesome--stately all by itself! you've made an amazing home. will you keep the yurt or will it eventually go away too?

Cpt. Haddock said...

WOW!!! It looks amazing, Cainchman! Congratulations!!!

(I've been wowing the preschool set with tales of nocturnal bear interruptions at Dave's house. They're fascinated.)

dcain said...

Dear Wat and Captain,
Thanks for the kind words!