Thursday, March 17, 2011


This morning the appraiser came to give the house it's final look-over. His goal is to come up with an assessed value of the completed house; the bank needs this information as part of the process of converting the construction loan to a mortgage. In anticipation of this I scurried yesterday to get a bunch of lights into place because they were the most obvious unfinished element of the house. This included installing the flush-mounted LED can lights over the living room, an old chandelier over the stairway (salvaged from Brian and Dana's house), a nice brass lamp over our bed, some light sconces in both bathrooms, and some track lights in the kitchen.

As always there is more to do, but this was enough to get us through the walk through this morning.

Today was a milestone of sorts because, provided there are no surprises with the appraisal and loan conversion, we are "done" in the eyes of the bank. Hooray! Of course we are not really done, but I suppose we could be if we decided that we were sick of the whole thing.


Wendy said...

All the lamp parts next to a loaf of bread--now thats a home construction site!

dcain said...

Hey Wendy,

Yes, its been close quarters between "home" and "construction site" the last couple weeks.