Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doors and Cabinets

I sorted out all the various plywood parts I cut a week or so ago and assembled the kitchen cabinet boxes today. It went quite smoothly and everything fit together as it should. Tomorrow I fix everything in place and start in on the face frame.

Meanwhile, Felton was back continuing work on the electric and has the house nearly all wired up. The one missing element is light fixtures which we have yet to either make or purchase, so for now he is installing your basic porcelain-base fixture so we can have light until we sort out our fixture choices.

Joe wasn't here today but spent the last few days previously installing the interior doors. We all think they are quite handsome.

The tub got it's first coat of yellow-orange. We're diggin' it.


Roxane Johnson said...

Your kitchen cabinets are inspirational too!
here's my blog http://sites.google.com/site/tpondcottagebuildingjourney/journal-blog

Cpt. Haddock said...

Everything looks SO great!!! You're ROCKIN' it up there!!!!

dcain said...

I checked out your blog. Nice work. Its amazing how the work goes on and on and on... but progress happens. Good luck with the insulation--cellulose is a great way to go. For what its worth, you can put up a retaining fabric called Insulweb to hold the insulation if you can't wait until the sheetrockers come. See here: