Thursday, June 24, 2010

Punch List

Joe, piling up the exterior window frames

A particularly fancy doorway in the village

Our phone line nexus point. Yes, that's a braid

An air-sealed electrical box mounted on the exterior of the house

We're taking care of all the odds and ends that need to happen before we literally wrap up the interior with a fabric called Insulweb in advance of insulating.

Joe's working steadily on the window frames and will soon have them all set to go up. Having Joe working on the window casings has caused me to realize that I haven't spent any time yet thinking about what the exterior trim detail around the doors will look like, so today I did a brief tour of various house doors around the village. Most of them are more ornate then where we'll go, but I had a few ideas.

Otherwise we are working on lots of things like electric wiring, phone lines, duct perforations for the kitchen hood, sealing up air holes in the house, etc...

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