Monday, May 10, 2010

Basement Stairs: Check

The stairs to the basement are complete and we are happy with them; not too steep but not to plush either.

Likewise the electrical panel is in and Felton wired in a number of outlets from the house that will serve as our power supply. We would have actually had the main power line running into the panel except that the electrical supply house cut the line at the wrong length. We'll get it in place today. At that point the power will be live in the house.


mary in Portland said...

In the absence of recent posts, I got to wondering about the second floor, and I searched your various posts and y'know... I don't think you have ever posted a plan for the second floor. Two BR up there? Y'all doing the master-BR type of thing?
Keep on hammering! It's fun watching the progress.

dcain said...

Hey Mary,

Just what I needed! A little reader query to get my imagination going again... I'll work on some 2nd floor stuff!