Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Window inspectors

Window inspectors at work

This photo shows where each home-run electrical circuit comes down into the basement. Soon enough, the electrical panel (properly known as the load center) will be mounted on this space and each wire will connect to a circuit breaker. The wire coming out of the pipe in the wall is the (unconnected) power supply into the house

The electrical work continued today, with a brief visit by two young window inspectors, along with their chauffeur. While carrying out their duties, they also checked out a couple of special spots that are excellent for kids to hide in while they play hide-n-seek with their uncle. As a thank-you for their services, they were sent home with some just-made maple syrup.


Unknown said...

Make sure you know where all your outlets and boxes are because inevitably something gets covered up by the sheetrock, whether you do it yourself or have it done it just happens. I have had to find several hidden boxes on new construction we did. " I Know I put a box there" or" Where did the light switch go?" have been asked several times when putting the outlets and switches in later.
Good Luck

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