Monday, October 26, 2009

The Roof


Joe and Adam in the dormer preparing to put on the shed rafters

Me, installing a lookout

The house with almost all the framing in place, save the shed dormer rafters

Adam, having just installed Joe's expertly cut rafters that form the shed dormer roof

Sunday we received an email from our friend Adam wondering if we'd like a little help. Adam lives down in western Massachusetts and wanted to come up our way for a concert in Burlington and offered to help out while staying at our place.

Of course we said "Great!"

So today Adam showed up just around lunch yesterday and he joined Joe and I as we continued closing in on completing the roof framing. Today all three of us went at it again and completed the framing. This means we still have to install the roof trim and rough-sawn perimeter sheathing before we actually sheath the whole thing, but Adam's help is just what we needed to move us very close to this important milestone. The three of us made as much hay as possible and got a lot done. I was just struck with a feeling of gratitude for the efforts of both these guys helping to make our dream become reality. (It also occurred to me that the three have contra dancing as a common bond between us, among other things, and, with Nancy nearby in the yurt, that there was an uncanny density of contra dance talent present on site today.)

Joe is headed to Louisiana this weekend for a Cajun dance event on Friday and Nancy and I are headed to a couple of events in Massachusetts Thursday afternoon, so we are temptingly close to closing in the house. I suspect it'll happen early next week, but we'll just have to see.

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Looking good! You guys are awesome.

Keep on chugging...