Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another day, another wall (or two)

We finished off the north facing wall of the mudroom this morning and then built the little jog that faces east. More of the same: cut list, cut, arrange, put together partially, check the dimensions, fix the anchor strap, square it up, attach the rubber sill gasket, chalk the lines, lay down adhesive at the perimeters, lay down the the ply and nail it, cut out the openings with a router, clean it all up, lay down the seam tape, roll the seams, cut and attach the battens, move the lifting masts into place, attach them, and then, finally, crank the wall up like lifting a sail.

At this point, the wall is up, but then there's moving it if needed, bracing, removing the lifting masts, adding adhesive where the walls meet, check for vertical and then, finally nail it.

It takes a while, but once its up its ready for siding, so we're doing lots of "prep" for the finish stage now, so the time invested is well worth it. The more we can do while the walls are laying down, the more effiecient we can be.

The mornings are chilly, but its hot during the day.

Here's some pictures:

More walls tomorrow.

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