Sunday, March 29, 2009


This weekend our friend Adam came up from western Mass to visit and help with taking down some trees. With skill and accuracy, he was able to scope out the big tree we'd been a little worried about. He set his mark, made his wedge cut, then came in from the back to form a T, inserted his wedge, cut the T and down she went. He made it look easy.

This tree came down for a couple of reasons: It is located where we are planning to put the yurt in advance of starting site work and it creates shade on the future house when we'll most want low winter light and warmth. There is something awe inspiring about the felling of a tree. Its like removing a building in short order. One minute there is a massive structure and the next minute it is laying in the field.

Additionally, Adam gave me an excellent introduction in the safe use of my brand new chainsaw. A chainsaw is a fearsome instrument, but with Adam's guidance, I was making inroads quickly, helping to limb the big tree, and then later planning and taking down a smaller tree that was nearly within the footprint of the house.

The taking down of these two trees is the first visible step towards making the house come to life. Its the first shaping of the environment that will be part of the extended whole of the house.

After the tree work, Adam and I rode up and over the Appalachian Gap to meet Nancy in Bristol for the contra dance. Nancy was calling (Go Nance!)and it was a great time.

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